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Welcome to our guild Perfect Order.

We are a PVE Guild! mainly with some PVP.  We currently have groups that are running T1s and T2s weekly and are forming new groups as more members hit 50.  We have not yet started raiding but the future plans of raiding are in the works.  We are a fun, friendly, and laid back guild who work together to get things done, and help each other out with what we can. We will not put up with beggars/overly needy  players or guild spamming, we will also not put up with any one who dose things to make the guild look bad.  

We expect our members to be respectful  to each other as well as other players!

If you are interested in joining our guild you can contact us on game by typing /who perfect order and whispering any of our members or you can send a note to Vampirella , Gwin , Rum, or Shockaroct, either on the guild sight its self or in game.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our Guild! We look forward to seeing you in game!
Guild News

Server Move POSTPONED!

Shockaroct, Jan 10, 12 9:45 PM.
So Trion, has decided that the Wolfsbane Server doesn't need any new Transfers.

So for the time being, we are staying on Deepwood!!!!

Stay tuned for further updates!

Guild Moving to Wolfsbane!

Shockaroct, Jan 10, 12 7:22 AM.
Everyone, BIG NEWS!

The Perfect Order is moving to the Wolfsbane Server.

We will be moving the Guild itself to retain our Guild Level. Move will be happening very soon (Possibly as early as Tuesday Evening)

The reason for this is the decline in overall Population on the Deepwood Server.

All Guild Members are invited to come join us on Wolfsbane. If for any reason you feel that this Server move is not for you, all the Guild Leaders, and Members completely understand. There will be no hard feelings about it.

That being said we do hope everyone understands the reasoning behind the move, and come join us on the Wolfsbane Server!

As always if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact myself (Shockaroct), or Rum. If for any reason you cannot find us in Game, please try Vent.

Gwin is currently away on some pressing matters, but should return around the 15-16th of this Month, both Rum and myself have spoken with her and she approves this change.

We all look forward to working together on the new Server! :)


Gwin, Nov 12, 11 11:17 AM.
There is an update in the forums under groups so please check it out please...Also please keep in mind that there are others also depending on you to be on when your group is to run so please make sure you are there on time if you are unable to make the run that night please have the courtesy to let some one know so that we may find a replacement for you for that run.  

One more thing i just want to thank you all for being patient with Vamp and I as we have been working on getting things going again i apologize for the wait we had allot of players stop playing so we have had to wait on things till we could get groups formed up again.  Also another YAY moment we are only down 2 more DPS and once we get them we will be ready for raids :) cant wait. We are almost there guys good work. Thank you again all you rock :) 

Scarn Down

Piker, Sep 18, 11 2:11 PM.
Our Third attempt at downing Scarn in T2 Darkening Deeps.
Congrats goes to Rum, Vampirella, Femfinal, Gwin, Vickter.

Website News

Piker, Sep 17, 11 2:04 PM.
Perfect Order website is now operational.  With its own domain  Expect changes to be made. Any problems with membership access or design / layout, thoughts or opinions, you can send me a message in game, forums, or a pm on the website.

Ventrillo Notice

Piker, Sep 14, 11 6:22 PM.
We have a vent server so please if you do not have vent try to get it. You are not required to have a microphone, but it would be nice for you to be able to listen in on the dungon/raid events. This will be a very important tool for us to have when running Dungeons, Raids ect.  Thank You and Happy Rifting
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